Gods Fiddly Irish Spirits Laura Joyce Moriarty


Published: July 26th 2012



Gods Fiddly Irish Spirits  by  Laura Joyce Moriarty

Gods Fiddly Irish Spirits by Laura Joyce Moriarty
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Brigid Jones meets Patrick a.k.a. Jones OMalley when he walks into her mothers bakery in Dublin. Hes dressed as an Admiral and she sees an idealized image of the father she never met. The two decide they were meant for each other almost immediately when they discover that they have identical ambitions---to marry, own a cottage, and raise a bunch of children, and interestingly dismiss the need for a romantic courtship.Unknown, however, are private lives that are filled with unspoken suffering and strange ordeals.

In the end, they are blessed with the many children they both desired, but not all were their own. Brigid says in the end, Sometimes I think there are millions of Irish spirits desperate to be born whether they end up with a decent life or not---its as if none of us are as important as that next life that just has to be brought into the world in Ireland.

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